Monday, March 22, 2010

Where do I even begin?

It's one of those Mondays where I don't even know where to begin! It's a dirty Spring day outside so I am unmotivated inside. 

Nothing got done on the weekend because we were in the city all day on Saturday. Sunday I woke up with a migraine so we didn't go in to Church ... have you ever wondered about getting struck with lightening if you didn't go to church? Ah well, I came close yesterday. 

 I was sitting at my computer in my wonderful sewing/craft room when I heard some creaking then suddenly the shelf, that I have stacked with tubs of fabric, came crashing down on top of, and around, me! Months ago Handyman Hubby assured me that the shelf was secure, so I began stacking it with 9 tubs of fabric - ouch! I was able to postpone housework though, while I doctored my sore shoulders and back.

After a bit I was feeling better so we all went for a walk. On the way home I wiped out in some mud and sliced up my knee really good. Once I rested for a bit I got up and cleaned the bathroom, in the process my knee started bleeding again. Ouch!

So, here I am Monday morning with a weekend of chores piled up and all I want to do is paint. We live in a house, built in 1903, that needs a lot of work and we are doing it on one income and a very tight budget. We have a large yard and two years ago we built a new basement, moved the house over and demolished the old basement that was caving in. I love having a bright, big and new basement but there is so much work to do! Little by little I have been working through rooms repairing the cracks from the move and painting. The kitchen is done, including new paint on the cupboards. The sewing/craft room WAS done. The bathroom is done, although we want to change it again.
The plan for Easter weekend is the wall at the new basement stairwell. The old stairs did not meet code so last Spring we braced the floor, framed it, cut a big hole, built new stairs and put up an ugly temporary wall around the hole... without thinking that I would not be able to access the wall once the hole was cut. It's all being fixed Easter weekend ... wall repaired, paint and new railing. Actually, the new/reclaimed railing is right there propped up against the wall that is going to get done. I am still deciding if I want to leave it oak or paint it white... Until then, we have decided on a paint color for the wall, but today I want to paint a bit test area, so that over the next 10 days we can be really sure it's THE color we want for most of the main floor.

Hmmmm, where to start?

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