Monday, January 31, 2011

Needing more storage!

Do you have a goal for this week? 

Our house was built in 1903 and that usually means no storage. The girls don't have built in closets in their rooms and I have one narrow broom closet on the main floor - ACK! 

We live in the chaos of renovations and the last project Hubby completed was to support the old stairwell to the basement and extend the joists ... back 80 or so years ago when the stairs were put in, they just cut a hole in the floor - yikes! The joists are done, he has put down a sub floor and now passes the baton to me to turn the functional into pretty! There are nails to pull, cobwebs to remove, decades of grime to clean and paint to apply. I am determined to get it done this week, then I can move onto another project :-)

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