Monday, March 16, 2009

Can't remember what it was ...

When DH left for work this morning he asked me to do 2 things today and I can't remember the second one for the life of me. This has spurred me on the the Becoming an Effective Wife Challenge. I know that when I am more in control of my day and start it right, my mind is clearer and much more organized.In our house mornings are the best time of day, the girls are rested and easy to entertain and my patience is fresh and ready for a new day. Since mornings are so peaceful (that's quite relative in this house) I tend to slide through that part of the day and then scramble once afternoon hits. I am going to organize my day better and will begin today. Here is my plan for the week taken from Homemaker's Haven Challenge

1. Begin my day with God's word. My girls
often get up during the 5am hour so to purposefully get up before them is not likely to happen. I will plan in time with God during the 8am hour, after DH is off to work, the girls are ready for their day and occupied and I have woken up :-)

2. Complete my morning routine. I have already outlined the chores I want to do each weekday, I just don't think of doing them until the afternoon. I will do them in the morning for the next 21 days and get a head start on my day. There will be some flexibility here because we live in the country and have a number of medical appointments in the city over the next 2 weeks, so some days (like this Thursday and Friday) my morning routine will not be chores but getting to appointments and keeping the girls occupied in waiting rooms.

3. Plan a project for the week. We are starting to give the kitchen a makeover and so far have only chosen the paint color. This week I will get all the wall repairs done and remove old wallpaper. We moved our old house to a new foundation last summer so there are a number of substantial cracks in the walls, so this will be a big job but one I am excited about! Chatting at the Sky has inspired and spurred me on with her wonderful black cabinets! I know this would be DH's dream, I have been reluctant but seeing it done I just love the look. Maybe that will be my project next week :-)

4. End my day with a work-out and lazy time with DH!

I look forward to seeing the changes this plan brings!


  1. I just love the plans you've made. You've allowed for flexibility and I think that is most important. It's when things get so strict, we are most likely to fail. It can't be perfect all the time, so I love that you've done this! can't wait to see the progress you've made!

  2. What a great way to get through your day!! I will look forwad following your progress on this challenge!

  3. I often find myself scrambling in the afternoon too-my mornings fly by. Good Luck with your new schedule.

  4. Good luck on your challenge, like Kris I look forward to hearing about your progress.

    Have a great day.