Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm not sure what to do today ...

I guess I will start by telling you a bit about the weather here today. It is -32C outside, that's -26F! When you add the windchill (how cold it feels when you factor in the wind) it is -45C (-49F)! AAAhhh. So, my dilemma begins with the weather ...

DH went to leave for work and his car didn't start, too cold. I plugged in the block heater in the car last night but forgot to flip the switch that turns on the outside outlet :-( So, I had to get bundled up and help him push the "dead" car out of the way so he could get my car out. Mine always starts, no matter how cold. After 1/2 hour of pushing a frozen solid car, we got the cars switched around and he is on his way to work. YAY. My dilemma continues with a "dead" car ...

Since the "dead" car is Richard's commuter, we haven't put car seats in it yet. It also doesn't have anchors (we need 2) and we were waiting until warmer weather to put them in. Most days there is nothing pressing on my calendar but today we have my 4 year old's immunizations scheduled, they only come out here once a month and are usually booked at least one month, sometimes 2, in advance. So now I have a choice: bundle everyone up and walk 5 blocks to the appointment (I don't know if we can bundle up enough for this weather), buckle them up in regular seatbelts and carefully drive the 5 blocks to the appointment, or reschedule for May/June.

I guess I will be rescheduling as the other options are plain old ridiculous!

Hope you are having a better morning!


  1. Oh man that bites! I'm so sorry you having such a bad weather day and that it is interfering with your plans. Stay warm and stay safe.

  2. Sorry you're day started off bad-you don't realize how much you depend on your car until it doesn't start. Hope it warms up for you too-that is cold!!

  3. Oh, boy...that's a lot of snow!!! I want spring to come so badly!

  4. Ohhh, that's COLD!

    For just five blocks, I might have made do with the regular seat belts. After all, I survived childhood with NO seat belts and no child seats! ;-)