Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The messes they make

One day I will be through this pre-schooler stage and I will laugh - right?

What a couple of mischief makers I am raising. Last Wednesday was a crazy day and in the midst of it I found that my 2 year old had gotten into the bathroom and destroyed it. I couldn't blog about it earlier because it was such a bad day and the thought of that bathroom mess almost sent me into a fetal position rock and sob!

Well, then yesterday's disaster happened and since it was a little less hair-pulling and a little more funny I had to tell you all about it. In the end I couldn't share one without the other.

I was talking to DH on his way home from work yesterday, heard an unusual noise in the basement and peeked down. To my horror, this is the sight that met my eyes

I know my children and I know better that to leave a feather/down pillow with a nickel sized hole awaiting repair anywhere that they may conceivabley come across it! There is a good explanation for the feathers though. According to my 4 year old they were "playing winter", I guess little downy feathers make great faux snow. What baffles me is that we live in the Canadian Prairies, we have had snow cover for 4 1/2 months now with at least one more to go before we see the grass - couldn't they play "spring"?

We got the toys all put away
and this was what was left. I had to empty the vacuum 3 times before it was all cleaned up.


  1. Yes, it does get better. Life is easy with young adult children. ;-) Congrats on the loss, that is AWESOME!

  2. LOL-couldn't they play spring?-too funny. The top picture looks like something my 3 yr old would do all by herself-can't leave her alone for a minute.

    Congratulations on the weight-that's great!

  3. That is too funny! Congrats on the awesome loss this week. Keep up the good work.