Friday, February 13, 2009

Finished - well, almost

This Finish it Friday challenge was a blast!! My goal was to get some valentines hairbows done for the girls, they are almost done and I will post photos of them in their full outfits tomorrow.

My big suprise was that I found the time to finish a Valentines Stripwork Jum
per for each of them. Aryanna's is completely finished and Noelle won't take hers off so I can put on buttons, I will do it this evening after she goes to bed.

So, I have finished one jumper and the other jumper plus 2 hairbows will be done before I go to bed as will a fun dessert for tomorrow - Cupid's Cups.

Look for more photos of the projects tomorrow.

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. SO very cute! Great job!
    I love how you made them coordinating!

  2. Thanks,I'm not a big fan of dressing them exactly alike but I sure like to have them coordinating.

    How did your day go? Did you get the presents done?

  3. Wow great job and finished just in time! I wish I could sew well enough to whip out a dress. I love the matchy-matchy! I know it's not cool to do all the time, but I think for something like this it's very sweet!

  4. The dresses turned out beautiful! I bet your girls just loved them!!