Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Done!!!

I can't believe it but the quilt is done with 36 hours to spare before Aryanna's birthday party! It's the first one I have made without the aid of a quilt panel in the center and I absolutely loved doing it! I want to make more ... hubby just laughed at me ... he just doesn't understand ...

So, armed with a Scrappy Sherbet pattern, endless help from Auntie Janet and a
great binding tutorial, I set out on my first quilting adventure less than 3 weeks ago ... this is the final result.

I have also been busy this week getting ready for her 4th birthday party on Saturday. This is the first year she is inviting friends and the first year that her Grandparents, who are Missionaries in SE Asia, are able to be physically present for a birthday. It will be a big day for her and I am trying to make it really fun. We are doing a Poodle theme and I made pink hairbows as gifts for all her friends (and little sister too) and a green and white one to match her new birthday outfit. Aryanna and I came up with a poodle puppet craft, a pin the nose on the Poodle game and some coloring pages. Tomorrow I will make the cake and pinata if I have the time. Look for more photos tomorrow. Right now I am heading to bed!


  1. How cute!! Love the hair ribbons-great idea. Good Luck getting everything finished and have a great time on Saturday. My son's bday party is next Saturday so I'm right behind you :)

  2. This is going to be a special birthday, so glad the Grandparents can be there! The bows are cute, what did you use for the centers? And love the blanket, the color choices are so pretty, it looks like a lot of work!

  3. For the bow centers I printed a picture of a poodle, glued it into a disc-it and filled it with Crystal Lacquer. These are the first I have done like this and I like how personal I can make the bows. It was a lot of work but she loved it and that makes it all worth it!