Saturday, February 21, 2009

The list

I really hope the list is done! Today is my last trip into the city to buy supplies for my daughter's 4th birthday party next Saturday. She loves animals and wants the ever popular poodles for her theme. Of course I haven't been able to find poodle plates or cups anywhere in our city and the cost of shipping any to Canada is ridiculous, so the creative juices need to get flowing today as I pick through Dollarama and Wal-mart. Lots of pink and black is what I am hoping for - I think I can work with that!

I also still need to finish up the quilt for her birthday as well. I will post throughout the week as I get stuff finished up.

Well, we are on a timeline this morning as we are going in with Hubby - he needs to go to work for a couple of hours. Must run and get these 2 (and myself) ready!

P.S. the poodle images I am using for the party are by Alison Folendore


  1. I hope you find what you are looking for-pink and black would be cute. Also, I've seen in different places-could you print out the poodle picture and attach it to something-like the cups or make cupcake toppers with it. You could make a banner with the poodle too. Have fun shopping!

  2. Hi Rhonda, thanks for coming by my blog today for becoming a follower! I looking forward to getting to know you on your blog too. Good luck with the poodle theme, it's more fun when you make things personlized anyway!
    Have you seen these posts? My daughter is really into puppies so I've had my eye out for puppy ideas in case that's what she wants in July for her birthday. Maybe you can modify some of the ideas for your party.
    Be sure to post some pics from the party, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Rhonda: In my travels tonight I found this
    which has some cute pink and black ideas although they are not poodle related, thought you could adapt or be inspired...I'm really a frusterated party planner you know:)

  4. Thanks so much Katie! I love the pink pretzels and the doggie bag idea. I was stumped with how to decorate the goodie bag and that did it! I have never seen those Scooby Snacks before ... wonder if we have them in Canada ... may need to go back to the city tomorrow ...