Sunday, February 22, 2009

Organizing my mess

Do ever need to clean/organize before you can go any farther with your craft or sewing projects? Yup, me too!

I have so much to do before this birthday party on Saturday but I was looking around the house last night and realized how cluttered it has gotten with the busyness of the past 3 months. There is no way I can have people over on Saturday with all the stuff piled on the piano, computer hutch, fridge, upright freezer .... but there is nowhere to put it - that's why it is there! We live in an old house with only one narrow storage closet that is jammed full, stuff literally falls out when I open the door to get the vacuum. Hmmm, if I was to clean out that disaster, would dear hubby use that closet for all those things that just NEED to be handy so get piled on top of the piano, computer hutch, fridge and freezer? He said he would so I wasted no time and first thing this morning got to that closet.

I wish I had taken a before photo, well maybe not, it was very embarrassing! 1 bag of garbage, 1 bag of baby stuff to give away, a large Barbie house I forgot was given to the girls, a Barbie car, a large stuffed Scooby Doo, a fun hair braiding kit (we 3 are sporting braids already), 2 folding chairs, various filters, lightbulbs, a stool and toilet plunger later - the closet is virtually empty. Now I can begin cleaning off the tops of things!

Once my world around me feels a bit more organized I will get back to party prep, but for now just get me another garbage bag - I'm on a roll!

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  1. Did you get your towels organized this AM?
    Hope your birthday party Saturday is a great success. We are all excited here about our Saturday party! Can't wait to see the pictures of your fun event!